The Missing Productivity Link

19 Apr 2013

I am a self professed productivity nut, and I love to find ways to make a hectic life simpler while remaining effective. Recently I made it a personal challenge to find the best personal task management application that will satisfy my multitasking needs. As I began to venture into this overcrowded world of productivity apps I learned that there are a number of applications out there, and quickly found myself becoming increasingly unproductive (my tasks needed a home). 

After weeks of trail and error I came across Toodledo. This product is amazing. Initially, I didn't think much of it because I felt as though it wasn't much different than an excel spreadsheet. I was clearly wrong. There are so may features coupled with and open API really makes this a productivity playground.

Unfortunately, all great applications come with their shortcomings, and Toodledo is not immune. The interface leaves much to be desired and as a person who recently adopted the Getting Things Done methodology, I need the notes to section mesh a little better with the tasks. (It seems as though notes are totally segregated from the tasks. Personally, I would like to see tasks created from notes.)

If you are using Firefox or Chrome for the web app you can use a Userstyles plugin, and make your Toodledo page a little easier on the eyes. (MacOSX v2 coupled with iOS App v3 is my personal choice.)

For notes, I would like to recommend Evernote. I understand there isn't a clean integration between Evernote and Toodledo; but with a little help from our friends at IFTTT, our Evernote and Toodledo prayers are answered. Here's my solution:

  1. If you haven't done so register for an Evernote, Toodledo, and IFTT account.
  2. In Toodledo go into tools -> more -> email configuration and record your email service address
  3. In IFTT you will need to create the following recipe:
    1. Trigger Channel: Evernote
    2. Trigger: New Shared Note Link
    3. Create Trigger
    4. Action Channel: Email
    5. Action: Send me an email
    6. register your Toodledo email address
      1. The pin verification will arrive in your default Toodledo inbox
      2. enter the pin
    7. Configure your action as needed using the Toodledo email syntax. My setup is below.

What this does is create a task in Toodledo to review my Evernote and it is due today. It will create a URL link in my Toodledo note with the title hyperlinked.




Once this configuration is complete, you can simply create a note in Evernote, select the shared arrow and then link. Once you select link a new task will be created in Toodledo with the hyperlink back to your Evernote.

Again, I must reiterate, Toodledo, to me is THE PRODUCTIVITY APPLICATION. I know there are many, and I have tried a number and read a hundred or so reviews. If you are a current Toodledo user...Enjoy. 

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